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String Quartets

January 2nd, 2018 · No Comments

So far, I’ve written nine string quartets. Here are some descriptions.

<1: AH YOUTH. A few pieces from my teens that I thought worth saving.

1: EDDIE UNCHAINED. A suite drawn from my ventriloquial musical of that name.

2: ROUNDS. Four rounds.

3: ARETINO IN SOLRÉSOL. Five erotic sonnets by Piero Aretino translated into the universal musical language Solrésol.

4: CHORALES. Fourteen brief chorales.

5: TROWIE TUNES. Harmonizations of five “trowie tunes” from the Shetland Islands.

6: PALINDROMES. Palindromic rounds, with added bass lines, descant parts, and other embellishments.

7: VIOLAS. A chorale, round, and tango for four violas.

8: THE MUSIC OF THE SPHERES. An extension of a brief realization of the music of the spheres by Athanasius Kircher.

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